How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs (Punaises de Lit) Yourself Permanently, Fast, and Cheap

signs of bed bugs hiding nearbyImagine you just got off work on a Friday evening and you met up with friends or a date to see a movie at the local theater. You get your popcorn, ice cold soda and chocolate covered candies of choice, and find the best seat in the venue. As you’re sitting watching the film, you notice that you start to itch a little bit. Thinking nothing of it, you ignore it or scratch throughout the movie, until you walk out of the movie and notice that you and your friend are covered in red bumps all over your arms, neck and legs.

Bed bugs were found in a movie theater recently in Lorraine France, causing the business to shut down an entire screening room.

This type of occurrence is more prevalent and common than most people would suspect. Bed bugs and their bites can be found after visiting movie theaters, public transportation like buses and trains, restaurants, and hospitals. While the bites are said to not be harmful, it can lead to people taking home bed bugs where they will now have an active bedbug infestation.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs Yourself

First, when you are traveling, be careful where you leave your jacket, coat, purse, or in the event of staying at a hotel, where you put your luggage. Throwing things down on a bed or a seat and walking away can be a strong attractant for bed bugs or punaises de lit, as the French call them.

Like mosquitoes, bed bugs enjoy the strong smell of a human found on dirty clothes. But your clothes don’t even have to be that “dirty” to carry your scent. Therefore, if you suspect you might have bed bugs, it’s time to wash and dry your clothes on high heat.

Another method is to put all your clothes and linens in a large plastic trash bag filled with DE! to get rid of bed bugs, then leave them there for a few days and shake the bags nice and hard a few times. This product is safe and natural, with no chemicals or harmful residues.

Killing Bed Bugs and Punaises de Lit in the Bed

Bed bugs/punaises des lit tend to hide in the box spring and the cracks of your mattress 80% of the time, then within a few feet of your bed the remainder of the time to include under the carpet, the cracks in the wall, or even furniture.

Applying a protective layer of the best natural bed bug killer you can find is sure to improve your chances. A bedbug exterminator can cost you several hundred to thousands of dollars/Euros, so it’s best to avoid that if you can. Also exterminators have no problem using chemicals, it’s their job. Your objections and desires to use only natural pesticides may meet objections from a “professional” pest control company.

Getting rid of bed bug bites and the rash

If you are bit by bed bugs, a simple moisturizer can help alleviate the unsightly sores and rashes while your body naturally heals. Mainly the biggest problem with bites from bedbugs is that they look ugly, though are relatively harmless.

However the itchiness can really cause you to feel uneasy and even lose sleep at night, which can lead to a lot of problems in your daily life at work in your relationships. The best thing to do is to take a pro-active approach to getting rid of bed bugs yourself so that you can get a sound night’s sleep undisturbed by little creepy crawlies.

Good luck!

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